5 Foods To Avoid After Going Through A Bariatric Surgery

Some patients, after bariatric surgeries, make a vital mistake by thinking that they are now free to eat everything that they wish for. But there is a big “No” as after the surgery each and every patient is instructed to follow a particular diet chart for a speedy recovery. In that diet plan, all the nutritious elements that are good for the well-being of the patients are included. Likewise, doctors strictly prohibit consuming of certain food items or beverages after going through bariatric surgeries. And so, this blog that is brought to you by the most recommended bariatric surgeon in Kolkata will discuss 5 such food items and beverages that a patient should not consume after bariatric surgery.

Any kind of dry foods

Let us inform you first that after bariatric surgery, a patient should avoid drinking water while eating something. Hence, food items that are absolutely dry should be avoided to eat during the post-surgery days. Dry food items are not easy to gobble, and a person often needs to drink water to make it easy to gobble up.


After bariatric surgeries, patients are generally suggested to be in liquid diet charts. But this does not mean that someone can drink alcohol. Drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited after bariatric surgery as alcohol increases toxicity in a body and it is harmful to a bariatric patient.

Hard to digest fruits and veggies

Eating nutritious fruits and veggies is necessary after bariatric surgery. But a patient must avoid consuming some high fibrous fruits and veggies that are usually quite hard to digest. Broccoli, corns, cabbages should be firmly avoided just after the bariatric surgery.

Highly sugary and caffeinated drinks or beverages

Drinks and beverages that contain high fructose and caffeine should be abandoned during the early post-surgery days. Instead of these, a patient can have decaffeinated coffee, unsweetened drinks, or beverages.

Hard meats

Doctors suggest chewing things properly whenever a patient eats something. Because well-chewed foods are easy to digest. Hence, meats that are hard or tough, and moreover, difficult to chew should not be consumed by a bariatric patient after the surgery. Instead, a patient can have well-cooked chicken, turkey, and fish. These are easily chewable and easy to digest.

Apart from these aforementioned 5 food and beverages, there are so many other things that a patient must avoid consuming during the post-surgery time period.

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Published by sarfarazjbaig

Dr. Sarfaraz J Baig is the Director, Digestive Surgery Clinic based out of Belle Vue Hospital, and a Senior Consultant GI Surgeon in the city of Kolkata. He has a practice of over 20 years with more than 10000 surgeries. His qualifications are MBBS MS FRCS FIAGES FALS FMBS.

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